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The results of the Election Day show us next US and world leader

Anab Dahir Mohamed

  As world citizens, we give our moral support of next US president that will lead the world tremendous and powerful Country. Although US citizens vote for both the best interest of their Country and American global ties and international relations, it is quite significant that American foreign policy stabilize world security and peace creating love and…

Combattere il terrorismo in Somalia

against terrorism in somalia

La Somalia è divenuta la “nuova Siria nel Corno d’Africa”, in cui organizzati signori della guerra religiosi e politici legati ai clan hanno creato enclavi che controllano a detrimento della Repubblica Somala. In quanto candidata presidenziale per il 2016, voglio riunire il nostro Paese e il suo popolo sulla base di pace, giustizia, eguaglianza, buon…

Fighting terrorism in Somalia

Anab Mohamed Dahi terrorism somalia

Somalia, has became “The new Syria in the Horn of Africa” where organised religious warlords and clan politicians created enclaves that they control to the detriment of Somali Republic. As presidential candidate in 2016, I want to re-unite our country and its people based on peace, justice, equality, good governance and democracy and also eradicate…