The results of the Election Day show us next US and world leader


Anab Dahir Mohamed As world citizens, we give our moral support of next US president that will lead the world tremendous and powerful Country.

Although US citizens vote for both the best interest of their Country and American global ties and international relations, it is quite significant that American foreign policy stabilize world security and peace creating love and better understanding of our culture and values in general and respect highly and peacefully that role.

American presidential election politically concern for every politician to have positive and constructive say, in favour of American sovereignty and National interest, with respect of foreign policy US have international Communities in better shape and friendly ties.

American people will have chosen their trusted and confident president keeping one eye in domestic issues and the other foreign policy, which is second priority. Because the United States have enormous influence and leadership in the global activities politically, socially and economically, as American economy and currency directly connected the most of the continents and countries situate there.

In spite of that practical proof, International Communities have indirect choice to comment and also endorse the next American leader, whose responsibility going to be better reforms American Employment, Economy, Justice system, Health issues and foreign policy which is very great now, since Barack Obama became US president, the USA have taken new strategy and better approach to make world safer environment.

However, US have to maintain that understandable approach and relations to international Communities without use of force, like former US president George W Bush who believed military action and direct intervention of world member states, that considered now no man’s land and dangerous environment.

The United States will be better off for the leadership of Hillary Clinton, who have a lot of experience and sufficient knowledge on both foreign policy and domestic issues, with the support of Bill Clinton that America fully aware of the amazing legacy he left his Country.

Bill Clinton had wonderful foreign policy strategy that made world very better place and friendly environment in terms of peace process of Bosnia, middle East, Haiti and elsewhere, also America enjoyed his era low unemployment rate, strong Health Care and Economy surplas, in that case US citizens must elect that tested service and good personality of Clinton couples.

Hilary Clinton believed to be American hope of next term of American politics, former president of Bill Clinton contributes her very huge support.

Republican candidate is typical character of George W Bush that American people do not totally need today leaving same hostile legacy of George W Bush. Because his never die indeed.

Donald Trump can not keep together both American people and International Communities, he is not the character who becomes the most powerful man on this earth indeed. According to how he addresses people and his personal thoughts and wrong political strategy.

He looks undeplomatical, furious, impatient and lack of tolerance. The White House needs friendly and fine politician that matches and fits in the office, who positively and perfectly lead America and the world, including myself.


God bless America, it is wonderful Country that represent the world. But only Hillary Clinton could have ran that office with good skills and enough understanding of the role and that huge leadership

I hope American people retrospect Bill Clinton era of fantastic service and will have go to Hillary Clinton today. For the better introduction and cool expectations of secure and stable leadership.

Deep discussions and issue digestion will have been carried out to debate fairly the future of American people, that is not easy analyze the true capability of both candidates.

Though, I like Clinton politician for the remarkable achievements, my support only based on the honour and reputation of America’s cool influence on the Universe.

The essential requirement of American presidential candidacy completely changed for prioritizing foreign policy and US International relations, since US invention to Iraq.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton contest, let international Communities to say their positive and respectful favour, for the democratic and neutral procedure, that help American citizens to defend their sovereignty and democracy continuation.

The fine and free Hillary Clinton, the appropriate and professional politician of presidency candidate selected her vice president , a man who has been working most of his time, for the civil rights, lawyer Tim Kaine who resolved extreme cases in American history as fine lawyer.
Kaine has been addressing people in Maimi and he proved the reason and leadership knowledge Hillary Clinton selected him from American politicians. Senator and governor Tim Kaine absolutely is the vice president US look for to put on all trust and confidence, while Hillary Clinton is the second president that American people already decided. Because of foreign policy of America that is quite significant always for American people.

And history she made president Bill Clinton era where Unemployment, Health Care, foreign policy and American civil rights were absolutely well.

We believe that every successful man, there is a woman behind him, who was behind Clinton? Respectful American people know where their interest lies as the most powerful Nation on the earth.

America got their own stuff to deal with rightly and decide by their own free and positive will and way. But global citizens have friendly and respect suggestion to American election, as we all need the right person in the office of white House.

Senator and governor Tim Kaine, the US vice president candidate is cool man and civil rights worker a quite long time, he is kind and true leader historically.

Hillary Clinton has already been accepted by American people, in accordance with her service of the country, as secretary of state or Clinton hardworking first lady , who left so many to remember indeed.

America will be better off for the hands of Hillary Clinton, her rival is unpredictable man that hurts America’s position in the top of the world diplomatically, because he already expressed his personality and leadership forms.


Anab Mohamed Dahir