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The armed struggle has become armed propaganda

United Kingdom: goose stepping into the abyss?

We deserve better Days before France’s presidential election, Emmanuel Macron smashed the hopes of National Front candidate Marine Le Pen with a devastating put-down: ‘I’m sorry, Madame Le Pen; France deserves better than you.’ Le Pen failed to reach the Élysée Palace. But that doesn’t mean we can relax. On Thursday 8 June, the people of…

Why do people want Hillary Clinton to be president but chose Trump?

The results of the Election Day show us next US and world leader

Anab Dahir Mohamed

  As world citizens, we give our moral support of next US president that will lead the world tremendous and powerful Country. Although US citizens vote for both the best interest of their Country and American global ties and international relations, it is quite significant that American foreign policy stabilize world security and peace creating love and…