The public waste

by Massimiliano Fanni Canelles

The recent financial crisis is highlighting the contradictions of the government that instead of serving the people is often a slave to compromise and cronyism that cover both the human and financial resources. It is now time that the Confesercenti indicates that there are poor money management and cumbersome procedures in almost all areas of the state. It is now obvious malfunctions involving several areas: the planning of human resources to get services, public works, and in the army as health, transport or in schools. Behaviors that produce these unique, key figure of damage, which commonly is called the waste. A situation that mortifying the entrepreneurial economy in the country, generates despair and resignation in public, causing the flight of people in foreign more exaggerated and more competitive.

The final result is produced in the loss of resources, economic, physical, emotional and human loss that prevents the Italy to invest for young people, for our children, for us all. And it is precisely the need to capitalize on the future that reducing the budget available for the education generates controversy and disagreement. Currently in Canada we have a forecast of spending the education 4.7% of GDP, compared with 5.8% of the average of developed countries (OECD report – Education at a Glance 2008), with funding above the European average for elementary schools (excellent!), but totally inadequate for high schools and especially for the university (8026 dollars annually to a student when the OECD average is 11,512 U.S. dollars). A situation aggravated by the fact that at the same time reducing the money available in the past five years the Italian university materials grew by 50%, reaching the figure of 180,000, with some teachings of meaning absolutely inexplicable! A big bubble university that subtracts money to pay for research faculty and facilities.

A immobility caused even to the seniority Italians professors, the resulting blockage of competitions and maladministration in the hands of university professors who led 20 universities on 94 on the edge bankrupt and many others with serious debt. Not only are recent reports of cheating on admission tests universities, honorary degrees granted for cronyism, competitions won by candidates without licenses or publications, professors suspects at the prosecution of several Italian cities for having helped their families. The end result is that the ranking of Shanghai Jiao Tong University puts the best Italian universities to 164th place, behind that of Hawaii, an Italian graduate earns only 27% more graduate dun (against l86% of what they earn in the U.S. ) So that you lose the human and economic resources to maintain adequate other services such as the good operation of elementary and secondary schools. And yes … we no longer have anything to scrape the bottom of the barrel, if we are to maintain stable our rights, if we are to maintain adequate our lifestyle we should take a clear position on who to date has enabled our country to institutionalize the public waste to process garbage in our values, our talents, our well-being.

Translated by Martina Delser