The sovereignty of the people

by Massimiliano Fanni Canelles

Since Alfredo Carlo Moro, judge and jurist, brother of the statesman Aldo, who was killed by the Red Brigades, he pointed: “”Do you realize that our Constitution, Art. 3, recognizes equal social dignity for all peoples, without distinction of sex, race, language, religion, political opinions, personal and social conditions, but not expressly mentioned in the age? ” In fact, in our country are being established at the age discrimination with the right person. He continued: “We built the company in terms of us adults, without considering the needs of children. They are subjects without rights. Our cities must also be the city of our children and we must therefore give them the space to be heard. ” Our cities are gradually filling up with subjects without rights. It’s not just the children to be discriminated: think, for example, immigrants, and especially their children. Are the Italians of the second-generation, the children of immigrants, in many cases born in Italy and came here very young. They are young people who have studied the language, art, history, Italian culture, but, despite everything, they feel that only half Italian, because they have no legitimate rights and not protected by legislation on equal citizenship. But this is not the only aspect in which our society is suffering today. The political discussion is often centered on the reforms on justice, local government and electoral law. But nobody seems to notice how they are also disregarded the fundamental principles of our Constitution. Article 34 says “… Capable and deserving pupils, even without financial resources, have the right to reach the highest levels of education ..”.. And Article 9 says:” The Republic promotes the development of culture and scientific and technical research… “… Themes, these, never faced in a comprehensive way, and that have led Italy into a condition in which those who are poor do not have the opportunity to develop their talents, the heads of the academies, universities are occupied by poor people do not and research funding is vital to the progress of the country, are intended to cover the gaps caused by cronyism and waste due to lack of political prudence and honesty. We do not talk, then, Article 32, in which the health is taken to “… a fundamental right of individual and collective interest …” And are guaranteed “free medical care to poor … ..”. Today, health care seems like an abyss without end, where the technology necessary for the diagnosis and inadequate hospital organization forced citizens to directly address the cost to guarantee the quality of care. Although Article 36 is emptied of its contents: “The worker has the right to wages in proportion to the quantity and quality of their work and in any case sufficient to ensure them and their families and dignified life free .. ..”.. In these years we are facing a serious recession, bankruptcies of companies follow each other every day and, with them, layoffs and loss of purchasing power of wages. The economic stagnation and the enormous debt caused the uncontrolled increase in prices and the reduction of benefits provided by tax deductions. In defiance of Article 53, to which “Everyone shall contribute to public expenditure because of their ability to contribute ..”. The state should instead protect the lowest income brackets, safeguarding, in terms of fiscal policy, families, work, health. Italy has just celebrated 150 years old. For his birth and its development are thousands of dead children in the various wars that have characterized our history. After the tragic experiences of dictatorial, we left the monarchy choosing “… a democratic republic founded on labor”, whose “sovereignty belongs to the people … ..” It is time that the people takes ownership of public thing, allowing the country to grow and pursue the benefit of people, not the ruling elite, whatever that is.

Realized by Martina Delser

Massimiliano Fanni Canelles

Viceprimario al reparto di Accettazione ed Emergenza dell'Ospedale ¨Franz Tappeiner¨di Merano nella Südtiroler Sanitätsbetrieb – Azienda sanitaria dell'Alto Adige – da giugno 2019. Attualmente in prima linea nella gestione clinica e nell'organizzazione per l'emergenza Coronavirus. In particolare responsabile del reparto di infettivi e semi – intensiva del Pronto Soccorso dell'ospedale di Merano. 

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