It is easier to break an atom than a prejudice (Albert Einstein)

The components that characterize each of us, such as age, sex, race, quality, defects, religious belief, political beliefs, etc. ….. identify our personal and social position will always a cost when you decide to publicly defend its value. Price that is more expensive than the less socially acceptable. Also the sexual orientation within these parameters, and being more tied to the image of the physical, it is also intrinsically involved in the prejudices, taboos and suspicions.

In our society, the sexual act is still loaded with negative meanings. Although the cultural evolution of the postwar period saw the emancipation of women, and greater freedom of manners, gender, understood as an act, especially in the moral-religious, it is difficult to untie the objective of procreation. And yet in too many cases is used as a control or possession of woman by man.

Write and talk about sex in these terms is therefore still difficult and “risky”. Consequently, it becomes almost impossible to discuss about homosexuality, since in the popular imagination almost nobody can untie this orientation sexual practices “against nature”.

The prejudices and the resistance to the cultural and social gay status are, however, also a strong stimulus to homophobia, attitudes of rejection, disqualification and discrimination. Affect the social fabric, the family, institutions, labor, religious groups and sports, but above all, undermine the evolution and self-esteem of a teenager attracted to individuals of the same sex. Those forced to interpret forward their own fantasies and impulses, will try individuals in secret “similar” to share their emotions in an underground that facilitates use of drugs and alcohol, leads to promiscuity and prostitution, AIDS raises the risk .

The modern social culture must be set to the tolerance and acceptance of others, regardless of personal characteristics. In analogy to religious belief and political affiliation, sexual orientation should not even be discriminatory. In the case of homosexuality, however, is tackling the problem is isolation from religion-on which, in the past and the extremes of today, we are justified extermination and ethnic cleansing in history-both by example ‘ancient Greece and Rome were breached basic principles of human rights and can not justify anything based on these cultures. ”

So what? The situation should be analysed in the perspective of love, and wiping out any other reason not dealing with love. A deep feeling that deals with the inner part of any human being, that share it’s unknown intimate nature with the soul itself, and it is deeply linked and bounded to sexual behaviours and habits.

But also the love will be in discussion to the frequent promiscuous homosexuality. A phenomenon to bring back to live underground, which almost always it develops and cares about issues, moral and ethical engagement in harm to individuals and third parties such as partners and, above all, natural and adoptive children.

Precisely for this reason, it becomes a priority legal recognition of the dignity of the individual with sexual orientation tended toward the same sex. As an individual or as part of a pair. Probably, however, the company should address the protection and enhancement of all our differences. Could this be the first step to prevent many, too many different forms of discrimination that individuals continue to be victims.

Translated by Martina Delser


Massimiliano Fanni Canelles

Massimiliano Fanni Canelles Head of CAD Nephrology and Dialysis, Health Department with University of Udine Adj. Professor in Alma Mater University in Bologna of International Cooperation Editor of SocialNews Magazine President of Auxilia Foundation Twitter. @fannicanelles Instagram @fannicanelles