David against Goliath

by Massimiliano Fanni Canelles

When I met Augusto Odone, he asked me to take over the Italian Committee Myelin. He was born to do it in Italy and throughout the world. The objective was to continue to promote research pharmacology to offer hope to children suffering from adrenoleucodistrofia and their parents. Lorenzo was suffering from a rare disease and demyelinating. Augustus had helped to fight it “discovering” the oil that takes the name of his son and still allows you to slow down the progression. Accepted well aware of the difficulties in this area are the lack of “numbers” needed to obtain adequate funding for the development of medicine dedicated. An almost impossible challenge, against every law firm would get a huge of money necessary for the development of molecular medicines that do not ever take the profit necessary to cover the expense of research and production and to involve the pharmaceutical industry, holding the knowledge necessary to go from an idea to a product administered. In relief, came the global economic crisis. He questioned certain rules of profit “at all costs” and led to the development of “Corporate Social Responsibility.” Based on this new “ethical” business, the international community is now asking companies to take on the problems of adaptation and humanization arising from their activities. The administrators delegates and managers of multinational companies should also begin to realize that the historical and current economic transformation has brought new forms of entrepreneurship: often fueled by public money, which could take up the collaboration of research institutions, universities, hospitals, the same industry, non-profit consortia. For “business” of medicine, the objective must be to obtain an effective medicine to combat the disease even if unattractive from an economic standpoint. The industry “Health” is a broad spectrum. The quest for profit raises moral and ethical doubts. We wonder if the “attention disorder” (ADD) and the “hyperactivity” (Adhd) have been created in the art to reach new segments of the market. It is assumed that scientific research is driven by pharmaceutical companies that drive the interests of scientists. You make indignant to the fact that millions of people cannot afford the costs of therapy and not have a state health system. You agree that, due to a patent or intellectual property, saving the molecules have high costs and often inaccessible.

Translated by Martina Delser


Massimiliano Fanni Canelles

Massimiliano Fanni Canelles Head of CAD Nephrology and Dialysis, Health Department with University of Udine Adj. Professor in Alma Mater University in Bologna of International Cooperation Editor of SocialNews Magazine President of Auxilia Foundation Twitter. @fannicanelles Instagram @fannicanelles