Human Greediness and needs

by Massimiliano Fanni Canelles

The world energy requirements estimated by I.A.E. (International Agency for Energy) will increase of 50 %within 2030, and even in the next few years fossils fuels (coke, oil and gas) will provide most of primary energy.

However the foregone conclusion of progressive exhaustion of non renewable energies ,the constant world population increase and the growing energy demand from new industrialized Countries as India and China ,oblige us to find alternatives energy sources satisfying planet current requirements in order to maintain present world levels of technological standards .

Technical capacity is directly proportional to disposable energy production.

Nowadays every month a flat demands the same power quantity required during a year in a city like London in the 19 th and thanks to such energy we all can enjoy today services and performances which were unthinkable even the last century .

However energy production as well as standard of living are different throughout time but also according to geographic distribution :people’s consumption depend on their development.

So ,the US represent 4,6 % of world population but consume about 24% of world oil production, Germany, UK and France represent 3,2% and require 7.7% of refined oil, while China counts correspond to the 20 % of world population and consumes only 8% of global fossil fuels production .

In order to safeguard our lifestyle and continue to improve in next the future ,we must find new energy resources and ,in order to attain this goal, we must focused our research on wide, inexhaustible ,easily accessible and non polluting energy sources .

Sun ,wind, earth ,water and hydrogen are precious and endless sources of energy: this is the right way to follow in the future.

We can add also other types of energy recovery such as biomasses ,.incinerators, turbines for waterworks flows, up to the energy release by people running or walking in airports or in undergrounds.

It will be essential, however, to contain our consumption by constructing high-performance machines and appliances as well as well-isolated houses.

But the huge energy requirements of mankind which is more and more demanding must let us understand that only a correct scientific research policy can prevent a new middle age .>

Today we are obliged to maintain nuclear option by concentrating our efforts on safety, on the stocking of the fission systems’ waste as well as by investing in the development of the safer and inexhaustible fusion system.

In the next future we should try to keep in mind the words of Mahatma Gandhi ”:Earth has enough resources for human needs ,not for human greediness”

Translated by Donatella Toresi


Massimiliano Fanni Canelles

Massimiliano Fanni Canelles Head of CAD Nephrology and Dialysis, Health Department with University of Udine Adj. Professor in Alma Mater University in Bologna of International Cooperation Editor of SocialNews Magazine President of Auxilia Foundation Twitter. @fannicanelles Instagram @fannicanelles