Tanjil Hossain

I am Tanjil Hossain, Bangladeshi by birth and have completed my Bachelor of Law with Honours and Master of Law from one of reputed Universities of Bangladesh named BUBT (Bangladesh University of Business and Technology), Dhaka, Bangladesh. Now I’m pursuing my MA degree with Human Rights and Multilevel Governance at University of Padova. The main goal of Human Rights is to establish Fundamental rights for all and those fundamental rights which are reserved for human and these are neither destroyed nor can be abrogated by anybody. As Human Rights student I would like to reach my message to the general people through my article writing about different topics of human rights violation throughout the world so that I can raise awareness among people who are not concerned about the ongoing situation of their surroundings and promote of universalism of human rights.

Syria, a land of death


In recent years, Syria has come under the attack of anti-governmental conflict. The ongoing Syrian civil war has witnessed the most deadliest conflict in this Century. The clashes started in March 2011 in the southern city of Deraa. Nowadays, there are many different coalitions fighting on the ground: on one side, there is President Bashar…